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Movie with Kamio Youko

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Kamio Youko, author of "Hana Yori Dango," is going to be writing a boys' manga for the first time, appearing in Jump Square! It's called "Matsuri Special" (Festival Special), and I found a cute little movie about it on youtube where she's talking to her editor about doing boys' manga for the first time. I laughed, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

Opening Screen: Matsuri Special, in Progress for Jump Square by Kamio Youko

Editor: About the next Jump Square. . .this is the first time you've done a boys' manga, isn't it, sensei?

Kamio: Yeah. I wonder what would be good. . .

Editor: I thought you might be thinking that, so I bought some manga for you. . .

Kamio: What?

Editor: Mmm, hup! These are some works by other authors who are running in Jump Square.

Kamio: Oh, I know this one. It's "Claymore," right?

Editor: These will just give you a little taste.

Kamio: Yeah. Wow, this is really well-done.

Editor: Isn't it, though.

Kamio: I've never really drawn anything with all this "blam blam kaboom!" before.

Editor: It's kind of nice, isn't it?

Kamio: What's this? Oh, "Tegami Bachi." Aw, it's cute.

Editor: Hm. Hmmm.

Kamio: I've never drawn anything with a lot of guns or action like this before.

Editor: "Byooo!" Nice.

Kamio: "Byoo!"

Editor: Aaah! "Blam blam blam!"

Kamio: It'd be nice to do something like this.

Editor: You don't really have to do anything with a lot of "byoo byoo!" in it. . .

Kamio: But. . .everyone's got swords or guns or something. . .

Editor: You should do your work in your own style.

Kamio: Really? Isn't it better to try other styles?

Editor: Sensei! Kamio World should be about love. . .love! more than "byoo!" and "blam blam!"

Kamio: Hmmm, really? Hmm. . .yes! It's true!

Editor: I am. . .

Kamio: Kamio.

Editor: Love comics'. . .

Kamio: Kamio.

Editor: I draw. . .

Kamio: Love.

Editor: And. . .

Kamio: Love.

Editor: . . .And what else?

Kamio: Love!

Editor: Um. . .but more than that. . .

Kamio: Love!

Editor: Hana yori. . .

Kamio: Dango.

(A play on words that you all should get. The editor means Kamio-sensei should value substance over the outward appearance. But the unexpected pun makes them both "hmm.")

Both: . . .

End Screen: Coming Soon in Jump Square!

This movie is probably fiction.

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On November 29th, 2007 09:52 pm (UTC), alecsa_chan commented:
Thank you for translating this. It's fun <333
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